French Woods has established a non-profit

Dear Friends,

I hope all is well and the new year brings happiness, fulfillment, and success to you and your family.

I am writing to let you know that French Woods has embarked on a new mission. We have recently established
the Hancock French Woods Arts Alliance, a 501.c.3, not for profit corporation.

This was partially precipitated by a phone call I made to the local school district superintendent asking to borrow a violin during the course of the summer. I found out that, not only did they not own a violin, there were no instrumental music programs or music instruments in their school system. In addition, there were limited theatre and visual arts programs as well. The area around French Woods Festival is not only economically disadvantaged but culturally disadvantaged as well. Therefore, the goals of the Hancock French Woods Arts Alliance, which are spelled out in our bylaws are as follows.

1. To support the performing arts and to give back to the local communities, including Hancock, Jeffersonville, and Callicoon. These are disadvantaged areas that have also been ravaged by the storm and floods of late June, 2006.

2. To develop music, theatre, and arts programs for the local school districts and communities in general, by
providing funding for instruction (teachers, tutors, etc) and resources (instruments, electronic equipment,
kilns, etc).

3. To develop scholarship funds for students of the performing arts to be able to fund colleges and schools
for the performing arts for these students.

4. To develop a year-round community theatre on the French Woods grounds for the community and
schools to all share in.

Many of you are aware of Ron’s generosity and his kindness to generations of French Woods campers. Over the
past 10 years alone, Ron has given out almost 5 million dollars in scholarships to those children that could not
have otherwise experienced the magic that is French Woods.

Ron has also sponsored and paid the tuition for dozens of former campers and staff members, in order for them to attend colleges, and music, art and theatre programs throughout the United States and around the world.
As a fledgling “not for profit,” we are turning to you, our alumni, and French Woods parents and families for
assistance in establishing this alliance.

We are asking for your input, expertise, contacts, advice, and donations of time, materials or financial assistance. If any of you sit on a board of directors of a not for profit and are interested in funding the arts, if you work for a company that has a foundation that can assist us, or if you yourself are available, let us know how we can take advantage of your connections and expertise.

Please fill out our online questionaire.

Please call me at 800-634-1703 or email me at and let me know of your interest and your support.

Isaac Baumfeld
Acting Director