Rock n Roll this summer

Mike & Jo Whitney are thrilled to be a part of the French Wood’s Rock Shop this summer. As singer/songwriters and co-authors of “I Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll but I Write It”, they enjoy teaching youth songwriting and live performance workshops. These workshops are high energy and geared for ages 7-17. Some of the activities that will be offered this summer will be:

  • Songwriting – using fun and easy activities as tools that are perfect for all levels of writing.
  • Stagecraft- learning the art of stage presence that will help you to perform with confidence.
  • Singing rock- voice protection, ear training, warm ups, phrasing of lyrics.
  • Guitar- exercises & dexterity training, chord shapes, lead & rhythm techniques for all styles of music.
  • Live Performance- overcoming stage fright, how to join a band, bantering with your audience.
    And much more…