In the Computer Lab at camp this summer

We welcome Ken Schneidman to the computer lab, here’s a few words from him.

“In the weeks preceding the beginning of camp I will be setting up and maintaining the French Woods computer network. Once the campers arrive, I will be available to teach just about anything you can do on a Mac, from website building to podcasting and streaming media, photoshop and graphic design and just about anything else the campers want to learn to do (or do better and faster) on the computer.

Off-season I stay pretty busy as a graphic artist and Mac Tech. I love to create artwork for bands that gets used on various kinds of merchandise such as posters and tshirts as well as for promotional purposes. As a small town Apple specialist I service and teach Mac users in a 50 mile radius. This offers me the opportunity to work in many different environments and with all kinds of people, mostly involved in the creative arts.”