Check out this interview with former campers Steve Rosen and Dave Rossmer

The Broadway Bullet has a great interview with former campers Steve Rosen and Dave Rossmer about their project: “Don’t Quit Your Night Job” which is currently playing off Broadway. Check em out and get your tickets here.

From the Podcast

SR: …Actually, David and I, we met actually doing an improvisation at theater summer camp. We were at a camp called French Woods, upstate when were… we must have been like, twelve or thirteen. And we were actually in an improv class, and we hadn’t really met each other at all, and we did something that cracked each other up.

DR: They were like, telling a story, and we had to act out the story. And they were like, “Bill and Bob go into a bar,” and so we walk into a… Bill and Bob do this, and finally, it was, “Bill spills his drink on Bob.” And since neither of us knew who Bill or Bob was, both of us at the same time just sort of spilled our drinks on each other, and that was sort of instant friendship. And we made each other laugh from then until twelve years later.

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And if you get the chance, check out the show!