A note from a parent at the end of first Session:

we just returned home lastnight from picking our daughter, katie, up from camp. words alone can not convey what fantastic time she had. i’m SURE you hear this all the time but…..she made lifelong friendships, learned soooooooooooooooo much and was treated to something she just doesn’t get in our small pennsylvania town. we have a couple of small community theaters in our area that pack ’em in every time they do a production but, NOTHING as professional and with the caliber of talent you managed to coordinate in just a few short weeks. we were so impressed. when your kid emails you that “you’re the greatest parents in the world….thanks for letting come to frenchwoods….I’M HAVING THE BEST TIME I EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE….well, that just says it all. from the day we arrived everything was so amazingly organized and the people…..WERE SO FRIENDLY AND ENTHUSIASTIC. she will be returning next year.. our only regret….that we didn’t find out about you sooner. a special thank you to Carolyn and all the counselors in her bunk. the gentleman who directed the sound of music…stuart….was really hands on in directing her like she had never been directed before (that’s a good thing). in 3 years she will be attending college…theater major and business minor. theater is her life. thank you for making her so comfortable and us “the greatest parents in the world”. i will spread the word about your camp. enjoy! you have a great thing going!!! many thanks, the laputka family hazleton, pennsylvania