Casting Call

My name is Richard Hicks.  I’m the Casting Director of the movies ‘Gravity’, ‘Hairspray’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and others.  We are currently casting an independent feature film called WEIGHTLESS, starring Nick Nolte (’48 Hours’) and Jason Clarke (‘Zero Dark Thirty’), and we’re searching for a young boy to play the leading role of ‘Will’, age 8-12, who weighs approximately 150 lbs. or more.

This search is quite special, because we have the opportunity to find a “diamond in the rough” to play the leading role. He doesn’t need to be a professional actor at all. And because of his size he’s the kind of kid you don’t see a lot of in movies, and we want to change that. Our lead, ‘Will’, is just a sweet, quiet, shy kid. But, he’s also coping with childhood obesity, bullying and divorce — issues that affect so many kids today.

Attached is a flyer with some more information on the movie and link to our website,  On the website is a link where they can audition.  They can also ‘like’ our Facebook page and get updates there (

We would so appreciate it if you could share the flyer with anyone you think might be right or might possibly know someone who would be right. Kids, adults, teachers, counselors, etc., etc.

Any kid who might be in the ballpark, you can certainly encourage them to ‘audition’ by filming a short interview (doing it on a smartphone is fine – it doesn’t need to be fancy) and uploading it to our audition site. There are helpful instructions and tech support available through the website.