The French Woods Performer Newsletter October 2021

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October 2021
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Fall at Camp!

Dear French Woods Families

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Fall has arrived and we are settling back into our lives down in Florida. Already, the winter office is working hard to bring back together a fantastic staff for the 2022 summer season.

We are hearing from many of our favorite staff, both foreign and domestic and we are thrilled that many of the internationals who were unable to be here last summer are contacting us about next summer. We are so very excited for the summer of 2022!

We are starting to review new applications for the upcoming season. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate for this coming summer or an alumnus who is on the fence about reapplying, let them know that we have started to fill positions.  They should be sure to apply and follow up soon.

As always, keep us updated on what you’re doing. We love hearing from you.


From the Music Department

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52 days. It has been 52 days since the last notes of the Oklahoma exit music rang out that officially ended the summer of 2021. 17 months before, we were all asked to stay inside and it changed our perspective forever. Shows that were in production were silenced, concerts and school performance trips were cancelled and for the first time in more than 28 years of my life, music did not fill the trees and rolling hills of French Woods. Then we came back, and that first performance we held at camp was (for many) the first time, in a very long time, that they had performed in public for anyone. By the end of the summer we saw kids singing and dancing on stage, bands and orchestras, rock bands performing, dancers able to work together and magicians and circus performers alike performing astonishing feats before our very eyes. 

I can say without question, I did not take any of this for granted and neither did the countless campers who performed with passion, promise and purpose. I was never more proud of our work than when a nearly exclusive camper driven production of Oklahoma ended our 51st summer of creating art. I hope all of you that had this opportunity, just take the time to celebrate your art and bring it to your own corner of the world. I am so excited to look at our future and see what is possible. For those of you who will be performing in public in-person, you should let us know when and where.

While the music program at French Woods holds a special place in my heart, there also is the joy I have in seeing young people being brave, standing on stage and performing for their friends and family. Next summer we will keep the excitement going with our friends from The New York Pops, The Pittsburgh Symphony and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. We will continue to bring great experiences that you can treasure for years to come.

I cannot wait for 2022!


Talking Camp with Ron

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Hi Frenchwoodite,

I’ve been thinking - just what shows am I interested in directing for next summer?

I am lucky because I get to choose. So in order: Session one, HELLO DOLLY, Session two, SWEENEY TODD, Session three, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, Session four, RAGTIME. I figure four big shows like these will keep me busy.

We have been flooded with emails and phone calls from you guys. Keep them coming. I also have been busy writing College recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask. I’m glad to do it. Those of you interested in being a CIT should contact our office. Right now, spots are available, but I don’t expect them to last long.
Anyway, we are totally looking forward to 2022. Hope to see you there.

Ron & Barbara

October Birthdays


October 1
Amaia Gonzalez
Anastasia Gonidelis
Gerardo Capo
Piper Jacoby
Sam Beck
Sarina Augustine

October 2
Avia Roundtree
Dean Santelia
Erika Meyer
Julia Cruz
Madison Fasolo
North Vincent
Saije Milligan Swinney

October 3
Ariel Skolnick
Eden Schwartz
Natalie Khaychuk
Tyler Persbacker

October 4
Amanda Schwartz
Anton Popowitz
Ava Loeb
Ben Newman
Katarina Seuffert
Matilda Solinas
Nate Cohen
Roman Malenda

October 5
Holden Lustbader
Josiah Jordan
Leah Glenn
Leighton Lustbader
Luke Wormuth
Max Burman

October 6
Asher Cooper
Carson Adams
Dalyn Young
Elan Cooperberg
Lily Brown
Madeline Droste
Sedekee Koroma
William Burton

October 7
Anna Anikushkina
Annika Abramson
Brooke 'KAI' Andelman
Connor Greenwald
Isla Pineda
Judah Figuero
Lulu Oliveri
Noah Figuero
Sofie Poliakoff
William Keenan

October 8
Adele Wizman
Carys Woolley
Catalina Molina
Clementine Kline
Daniel Munroe
Evelyn Ordynans
Jack McCarthy
Kayla Hertzberg
Mia Rozenberg
Sophia Chernomorsky

October 9
Chester Borrok
Liv Goldberg
Max Slonim
Rene Posner
Sierra Bettenhausen

October 10
Alicja Koziel 
Brooke Gershberg 
Cyia Sabathia 
Eliza Mason 
Hunter Farbman 
Julia Eiglarsh 
Macallen Myers 
Teagan Klipstein 
Tolly Gershberg 

October 11
Hannah Cohen
Jonah Schancupp
Matteo Piccarillo
Molly Slaten
Olivia Miller
Sabine Cale

October 12
Alexandra Paradise
Benjamin Marchena
Elizabeth Khaychuk
Ella Bodner
Irina Leonteva
Isabella Silverman
Kasey Brymer
Katherine Scully
Lydia Freeman
Sydney Sher

October 13
Abagail Nwakanma
Aidan Lewinter
Avery Frekhtman
Ben Wohl
Maddie Soh

October 14
Bryce Wilder
Eleri McGregor

October 15
Charlotte Moore
Francesca Clark
Nora Keithline
Vincent Weidhorn

October 16
Alexis Carpenter
Ashlee Chhoum
Autumn Nardini
Avalina DeLorenzo
Emma Kelner
Jacqueline Bradshaw
Kayden Merritt
Lana Schwartz
Luke Schumacher

October 17
Carly Weiss
Chase Haimoff
Lily Siegel
Penelope Smith
Persephone Reeves
Siri Polepalle

October 18
Alyssa Garcia
Jacob Newman
Natalie King
Vivian Colburn

October 19
Emilia Morera
Lily Doniza
Mario Gato
Sofia Heinz

October 20
Andrew Giventer-Braff
Annabelle Hanlon
Ethan Steiner
Harper Wong
Margaret Beal
Melody Beron
Ravi Hasegawa

October 21
Avery Mathis
Bella Martinez
Chloe Dannenberg
Claudia Ajay
Dora Ozer
Gabriel Colpitts
Jessi Dannenberg
Julianne Friedson
Maeve Gorham
Mikaela Malka
Nicolas Shwartz
Sam Reinhard
Susannah Brown

October 22
Connor Lampman
Eliana Levin
Emily Iniguez Ortega
Graham Woolley
Kingston Tse
Olivia Ledtke

October 23
Camilla Browand
Oona Starritt
Sante Salomone
Sophia Raab
Violeta Rantz Ini

October 24
Austen Kite
Isabela Pardo
Jenna Dewey
Joshua Dewey
Madelyn Rothstein
Maximilian Oster
Stella Dugan
Violet Siu

October 25
Aubrey Jimenez
Evangelina Winckler
Kate Burnham
Sammy Baumfeld
William Habig

October 26
Eva Hurley
Florence Haines
Katherine Fishbane
Oliver Zilkha
Samantha Belford

October 27
Adam Kaplan
Helena Johnson
Rae Katz

October 28
Jasmine Lee-Bennett
Lincoln De Pietro
Matilda Ledger
Teigen Ang-Horowitz
Zoey Hall

October 29
Bale Garrett
Brandon Phillips
Gabrielle Aboutaam
Julia Zweig
Liv Chaikin
Maria Delgado
Stella Santos Hendricks

October 30
Ayaan Chan Shue
Henley Olefson
Jacob Fisch
Joshua Herman
Liora Grasheim
Talia Landow
Vera Murray-Same
Veronica Mason
Xaviera Manzano

October 31
Jack Marcovsky
Jasmine Scott
Jason Buzy
Lina Zraouli
Nayana Schott
Rosalinda Borletti
Violet Friedman

Rose's HFWAA 2021 Summer Re-Cap


The Hancock-French Woods Arts Alliance ( is the not-for-profit arm of French Woods. The majority of the funds raised helps with college tuition and necessities for some of our counselors who are both in-need and committed to a career in the arts. HFWAA is a US public 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.

We are happy to announce that summer 2021 was also a fundraising success. Through our French Woods families and sponsors who supported the Race for the Arts,  the Raffle, Birthday and Just Because Parties and tennis lessons,  we were able to resume assisting college students committed to the arts and even take on some additional beneficiaries.  This was such a relief after having to drastically cut our funding for the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID.

HFWAA also took on overseeing and helping to fund our inaugural leadership program in collaboration with #Entertainment for Change and being Impact Artists™. We are grateful to Jade Zaroff for sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm and determination with our campers and to  Sony Music Group for helping to fund this initiative.
Click on to see an example of what the Session 4 Impact Artist's accomplished.  

Last spring we suggested the idea of creating a French Woods/HFWAA library.  With WIFI no more at camp, we reached out to our CIT's to spearhead this service project.  Our sincere thanks and gratitude to India-Mae Fraser and her family for donating (and cataloguing) 260 books. Thank you to Ben Shaw for building and hanging the bookshelves!

We ran our 11th Annual 4K Race for the Arts this summer. There is no charge to run the race or participate as a volunteer, but a minimum contribution of $35 entitles your camper to a commemorative t-shirt and shows support for for HFWAA and their counselors. Thank you to our parent sponsors and our corporate sponsors. All told, we raised almost $50,000 from our four races this past summer.  We hope that many of you will consider sponsoring your camper for Summer 2022! 

Birthday Parties or Just Because Parties...are held during the evenings. Smores parties, Campfire Parties, Movie Parties, Cooking Parties and more. Your child's bunk will be treated to a special evening as you honor your camper by sponsoring one of these fun events. 276 parties were held in 2021. So many parties, so many cookies, so much popcorn, and the marshmallows! 

Towards the end of the summer, we held a Raffle with first prize being free tuition for the session of your choice for summer 2022. Tickets are $50 each; 7 for $250 or 15 for $500. A limited amount of tickets are sold and we did sellout!

HFWAA Announces Raffle Winners
The Hancock-French Woods Arts Alliance is please to announce the Camp Tuition Raffle Ticket Winners. The drawing was held August 28, 2021 after the Closing Show.

GRAND PRIZE: The Spengemann Family
(Free Camp Tuition for Sylvie for the Session of their choice for 2022)

SECOND PRIZE: The Miranda Family
($1,500 OFF Camp Tuition for Grady for 2022)

THIRD PRIZE: The Greenberg Family
($1,000 OFF Camp Tuition for Jordan for 2022)

FOURTH PRIZE: The Kereszi-Lynn Family
($500 OFF Camp Tuition for Hazel Moon for 2022)

French Woods Festival of the Arts is the sponsor of the HFWAA Raffle. Here, almost $30,000
was raised. All proceeds went to the HFWAA college scholarship fund. HFWAA would like
to thank the families who took a chance and in doing so gave a scholarship opportunity to
some young adults who are both in need and committed to a career in the arts.

Counselors interested in applying for an HFWAA scholarship fill out a rigorous application and we strive to give those chosen a hand-up rather than just a handout. Those young adults are an integral part of making the French Woods summer experience a great one.



Just Registered (as of 10.22.21)


Aaron Harris
Agnes Ashlock
Aiden Hill
Alexa Reznick
Alexandra Harris
Amelia Hovey
Amelie Wilday
Andrew Adams
Andrew Maskoff
Annie Braverman
Antony Simonetti
Arthur Schreier
Asha Venkat
Ava Loeb
Ava Zelnick
Avery Badani
Aviram Livneh
Beckett Beard
Ben Rozner
Brandon Phillips
Caroline Mignone
Celeste Wilson
Charles Guzman
Charlie Bern
Charlie Faulkner
Charlotte Bluemke
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Sellier Pacheco de     Almeida
Chloe Sellier Pacheco de   Almedia
Claire Anderson
Clara Friedman
Dakota Smith
Dalia Punyon
Daliha Polissaint
Dani Siden
David Isaak
David Tabatchnik
Eli Bluemke
Elise O'Keefe
Elizabeth Hemingway
Ella Sauerberg
Eloise Calatozzo
Elroy Solondz
Elsa Baker-Spitzer
Emerson 'Finn' Campbell-   O'Donnell
Emma Arends
Emmanuelle Rave-Meir
Ethan Walmark
Eva Vitashkevich
Evie Schiff

Francesca Slusser-Tucci
George Danow
Georgia Irving
Gian Simonetti
Grace Bluemke
Grace Dinger
Hannah Joe
Harrison Narens
Harry Watkin-Fox
Henry Rivo
Isabella Jolicoeur
Jack Vellucci
Jackson Gilbert-Goldman
Jacob Baker-Spitzer
Jacob Morrell
Jacob Newman
Jadyn Jacobson
Jameson Ibrahim
Jasper Burger
Jay Zopolsky
Joey Mekyten
Jordan Greenberg
Katelin Lobel
Kayla Coppa
Kori Berger
Laila Steriti
Laszlo Sterling Summers
Leah Rappaport
Leah Singh
Leila Emmanuel
LelaRose Adams
Levi Pearl
Lily Mavroudis
Liora Grasheim
Luca Aghababaie
Lucas Kaufman
Lucinda Phillipps
Luna Slusser-Tucci
Maisie Rownd
Margaret Beal
Margo Brenna
Mariel Silber
Max Jordan
Max Tabatchnik
Milena Carpati
Molly Arends
Nathan Schreier
Nicole "Nic" Allers
Norah Mintz
Norah Van Valkenburgh
Oliver Levitt
Olivia Calatozzo
Olivia Ledtke

Olivia Swerdloff
Olivia Woloz
Oona Starritt
Otilia Frisbie
Owen Hill
Parker Rosamilia
Parker Ryan
Peyton Chamberlain
Phebe McKeever
Phoebe Mendelow
Priyanka Oomman
Quincy Sanchez-Diffee
Ramey Hall
Rebecca Meek
Riley Zelnick
Rosa Lamont
Ryan Deguire
Sadie Gubenko
Sadie Horvath
Samantha Alper
Sammy Scheiner
Samuel Greenwald
Samuel Pincus
Sara Al-Saleh
Sarah Joe
Sasha Keehner
Satya Loeb
Sheldon Anderson
Siena Fucci
Sofia Rosamilia
Sophia Ledtke
Stefan Simonetti
Stephen Vellucci
Sullivan Berger
Summer Gubenko
Tamara Polissaint
Theodore Treusch
Thomas Baker-Spitzer
Tino Garcia Gross
Tori Feinstein
Vanessa Rodriguez Walker
Vaughn Ibrahim
Vesper Woodhoque
Vivian Williams
Willa Beard
William "Zane" Habig
Wren Hunnicutt
Yann Robles-Casadella
Zachary Wellington
Zimu Qiu
Zoe Jordan
Zoe Lermaneorgiana Flaherty

Isaac's Corner

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Our Early Registration campaign continues with Ron holding tuition rates down for our campers until December 15th. If you haven’t done so, be sure to
take advantage of these rates that will be going up. 

You can re-register for camp online. Just go to the home page and in the upper right  hand corner click on the link that says "Sign Up."   Once your application is complete, please  call the office with your deposit information as, remember, we do not take credit cards over the internet.  Any questions at all - please call us at the winter office (607) 637-8400.

We also are reaching out to prospective French Woods Families and this month have begun holding our Virtual Info Sessions on Zoom. There families have an opportunity  to meet our full time French Woods team, head counselors, heads of departments and learn about our plans for 2022. 

You, are our best source of introducing others to camp. We thank you for being French Woods 'ambassadors'.

In closing, as of October 1st, there are 251 days left until session 1, summer of 2022 and 270 days for the start of session 2.


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