French Woods has been a model for circus programs springing up throughout camping, but no one can equal our staff or facilities. The site hosts professional equipment in a twelve thousand square foot covered pavilion featuring every sort of circus apparatus.

Our staff comes from around the world and is made up of professional circus artists and instructors. You can be part of our circus show and perform in acts just like those performed in professional circuses, or you can just try out the trapeze, juggling, unicycle or one of our other circus acts. Circus teaches children the benefits of hard work and self reliance. It is fantastic physical conditioning which is useful for dancers, gymnasts and sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

Each Session is capped off with a three full fledged circus performances where parents and friends can watch our campers show off their new skills. There is our main circus show, a late night "firefly" show that features fire twirling and flying Tapeze, and a Jr Circus show in it's own facility for campers 10 and under. We have clowning, tumbling, fire twirling, wire-walking, balancing globes, juggling, stunt bikes, rings, trapeze, triple trapeze , flying trapeze and bungie trapeze, spanish web, silk, ropes and other acts which all perform in an end of session extravaganza. Campers who just want to try new things without participating in the show also have that opportunity.

The Dina Goldstone Circus facility is unmatched in camping, giving us a huge covered space for practice and putting on shows. 


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