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At French Woods we pride ourselves on offering you a unique individualized camping experience. Campers completely determine which activities they will participate in. Children are offered a wide range of performing and visual arts in addition to programs in sports, waterfront, horseback riding, and much more.

Each camper chooses their own schedule from a very large number of options. Kids who like similiar things do activities together, making it easy to make friends and connections.

There are six activities per day; three of these periods are called majors and three are called minors.

Majors are chosen at the beginning of each session and are maintained for the three weeks. Minors are chosen daily at breakfast. This lets you concentrate on the things that interest you, while giving you the chance to try something new every day.

Your counselors, head counselors and the program office staff will work with you to help you choose a program that's right for you. French Woods festival offers a broader range of activities at higher levels than anywhere else in camping, while still being open to beginners.

Sample Major and Minor Lists

Below are sample Major and Minor lists for reference only, these lists change daily and by session, the presence or absence of anything on these lists is not an indication of the availability of any particular class or program.


This is a representative sample of majors from a previous session, the exact majors offered in each session will change.


This is a representative sample of the minor list from one day in a previous session. Minor lists and their offerings change every day, there will be special events, classes that do not hapeen every day, etc.

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