Short Film
and Video

Learn how to shoot and edit video using our state of the art equipment

Campers can take part in our short film program, where campers, write, direct, produce and edit short films which are played in our film festival every session.

Our film and video program  is designed to inspire young filmmakers to experiment and be creative. The wide variety of filmmaking activities aims to deepen craft skills in camera work, editing, audio recording, special effects, script writing and storytelling. Working with talented film councillors, campers learn the responsibilities and basic skills of a professional film crew member. 

Join the Major filmmaking program to create a short film in just two weeks, or join individual minor classes and workshops to learn a specific craft, including editing fundaments, storyboards, stop motion animation and film analyses. 

Working in a production team, you will be able to choose your role in a project as a scriptwriter, director, producer, camera operator, sound designer, actor or just creative support. The participants will have an opportunity to pitch an idea for a short film, and as a collective, each group will select the best one. Once completed, selected films will be projected on a big screen at the French Woods Film Festival, and you don’t want to miss it. 

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