French Woods Skate Park hosts skateboarders, bladers, ripstickers, and even BMX in a huge, indoor arena, and Mountain Boards outside down the hill.

Our Skate board camp includes a beginner area dedicated to novice riders who are looking for one on one, or group style instruction, as well as challenging courses for enthusiasts and skilled skateboarders. The French Woods Skate park also includes a 3 foot mini ramp half-pipe, and a 10 foot vertical ramp half-pipe as well as a large street course area, and a 6 foot deep kidney shaped bowl. There is also a "chillout area" where riders can rest and hydrate themselves.

Heading the Skate Sports Department is a professional skateboard instructor. The department was also featured on MTV's "Made" Skateboard episode.

The experienced staff make safety a top priority at the park with the requirement of knee pads, elbow pads, and helmet on in all active ride areas. If campers do not have any or all the safety gear required to ride, as well as skateboards, don’t worry, we have everything you need.

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